Terms & Conditions


• Our vehicles need to be able to park within close proximity to your property and you are confirming that this is possible and that you have permission to off load goods to the chosen site.


• Any dates and times we specify for delivery of the goods are an estimate. We shall not be liable to you if we do not deliver on or at any particular date or time.


• We will deliver to site provided that there is a suitable road to the point where delivery is requested. If no such road exists, delivery will be made to the nearest point at which, in the driver’s opinion, the vehicle can safely and lawfully unload.


• If there’s no one at home when we deliver, in most cases we can arrange in advance to leave items on your drive. If so, it is your responsibility to give special delivery instructions during checkout under the “Delivery Instructions”. We will also leave an invoice to let you know we’ve left your items.


• Deliveries will not be made where the ground condition is not suitable to unload or likely to cause damage to the vehicle. We will reserve the right to cancel your order if the delivery vehicle is unable to safely access the delivery location.


• Any query about delivery shall be made as soon as possible and in any event within seven days of the date when the goods have been received.


• The goods are at your risk from the time of delivery or deemed delivery.


• The price quoted for such services assumes that:


(a) the site is ready and suitable for the services to commence at the agreed time;

(b) the services are to be carried out within our normal working hours;

(c) suitable site access is available at all times;


• We do not accept any responsibility for any Goods which are lost or stolen after they have been delivered.


• You shall notify Adam Reynolds Agricultural Fencing and Forestry of your intention to cancel the order by email to adamreynolds_856@hotmail.co.uk