Why do I need seasoned firewood?

When buying seasoned firewood this means that the logs have had enough time to season i.e. dry out, so that they burn efficiently and give off the most heat. Unseasoned logs will draw a lot of energy from the fire to try and dry out the logs whilst trying to burn at the same time, thus creating steam.


Where should I store my seasoned firewood?

We recommend that the firewood is stored in a cool, dry, aired place. Ideally outside where the air can get to it, as firewood is drying out all the time and needs air to do this. If it is completely covered over i.e. with a tarpaulin it can sweat and cause mould as firewood needs to breath (garden sheds and garages are not ideal).


Do I have to stack my own seasoned firewood?

A stacking service for your chosen firewood is available on request; simply state this when ordering so that the time can be allocated on your delivery slot.


What’s the rough moisture within your firewood?

Firewood is cut and stored within a dry place for a period of time long enough for the moisture content to be 20% or less.


What type of firewood do you sell?

We sell mixed, seasoned hardwood.


Is delivery free?

Yes, if you are in our catchment. If you are not that’s fine just give us a call and we will still come. There might be a small charge or minimum order value that’s all.


Is there vat to pay and will I get a receipt?

Vat is included at 5% as firewood is classed as a domestic fuel. Yes you will get a receipt.